Big Cat | Who Are Big Cat?
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Who Are Big Cat?

Introduction to Big Cat by John Llewellyn

My company Big Cat and Big Carp Ltd is based near Reading in Berkshire.  I work from my office at the warehouse where I keep in touch with our customers, oversee production, organise the marketing and manage the stock. We have been selling Big Carp bait, rods and tackle for over 28 years concentrating mainly in France, Italy and Belgium where we have a firmly established base of retail shops. Big Carp is firmly established across Europe and I am extremely proud of our reputation for top quality products that are excellent value for money. 


I started the Big Cat branch of the company 6 years ago after a successful trip to the river Rhone with German angler Thomas Flauger. We were targeting the river’s big commons but we also caught several nice catfish. Thomas was surprised by such an immediate and positive reaction from the cats and our conversation to baits formulated specifically for catfish. I love a challenge and particularly anything to do with bait. 

Big Cat success whilst testing the first Oily Hybrids on the river Rhone in France

As a predatory fish, catfish have slightly different nutritional requirements to a carp. I set about modifying the recipe to provide the correct nutritional package for catfish and also tweaked the flavour and attractant combination with a couple of special additions. I also worked on the Hybrid production method to produce a unique bait that would be instant thanks to the fast leakage from the paste centre and also remain intact for up to 20 hours thanks to the firm cooked exterior.



Bait specialist John Baker is a good friend and lives only 5 minutes from me. JB is known across Europe as one of the leading specialists in flavours and attractants. These form an essential part of our bait recipes and provide taste, smell and attraction.  We don’t skimp on any aspect of bait and Big Cat baits have already established a fantastic reputation in the UK and right across europe.


The RH Hybrid range



We make all our own baits and bait products in our warehouse. This way we can ensure consistency and freshness and I personally keep a close eye on every aspect of production. Our baits are unique to us and you won’t find any better quality bait available anywhere.

The Oily Hybrids, the RH Hybrids and the Rapido Hot boilie range are exceptional catfish baits. These are the baits we use and if you want to use the very best bait available then get on one of these.

Click here for details Big Cat baits


We have a new range of specialist cat rods designed and built by Free Spirit. I’ve known company director Simeon Bond for many years and after many discussions and testing of prototypes I am very excited to announce the imminent release of our new Feline XT range of rods. There are 3 versions of the Feline XT and I am sure you will find the perfect cat rod for your type of fishing. Full details to follow very soon.

The Big Cat Team

We are a small team of very experienced, well known catfish anglers in England including myself, Dean Aldridge and Ricky Graham. We also have a dedicated team of very experienced catfish anglers in France: Antoine Gonzalez and Jerome Caujolle.

I am fortunate to have these very experienced anglers as my friends and together they make up a truly awesome Team.