Big Cat | RH Hybrid Range
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RH Hybrid Range

RH Hybrids


The RH Hybrids (Rapido Hot Hybrids) are made in the same way as the Oily Hybrid with a hard, cooked exterior and a paste centre which is exposed at each end. The hard, boiled exterior ensures that the bait remains intact for a long period and the paste centre releases its flavours and attractors quickly for maximum attraction and a fast response from the cats. The RH has a strong, unique smell and the complex bait recipe provides a digestible, nutritional food source that is perfect for cats. It is a spicy fish meal bait containing hydrolysates, natural extracts, oils and spices. The RH is a fantastic bait with a proven track record as an all season bait. Tests have that the RH is a very effective bait as the water temperature drops with plenty of cats being caught with water temperatures down to about 6 to 7 degrees. This is definitely the one to go for at the beginning of the season when the water’s still cold

RH Hybrids


Extremely buoyant pop-ups, boosted in flavours and attractors.

Enhanced, buoyant pop-up hook baits that are boosted in the RH Hybrid flavour and attractant combination.

Available in 24mm, or 30mm



Bait Sauces

RH Hybrid flavour/attractor on a fresh salmon oil base..

Perfect addition to any spod mix:  ideal for Zigs, as a bait soak over pellets and boilies, PVA friendly and perfect in a bag or stick mix.

RH Hybrid Bait Sauce


High performance pellets made from fresh, highly attractive ingredients.

Mix of 16 & 22mm boosted big cat pellets.

RH Hybrid Pellets

RH Hybrid Booster

Exceptional Hi-Attract Nutritional Food Source

Thick and sticky complex of the flavours, natural extracts, attractants and oils used in our RH Hybrids. Perfect for dipping your hook bait before casting out. Catfish will be attracted to the strong FOOD smell around the hook bait. PVA friendly, so you can add to a PVA bag, or dip in a stringer.

250ml wide neck bottle

RH Hybrid boost

RH Hybrid Carpet Feed

Carpet Feed creates a superb cloud and column of attraction. Dampen with a little Oily Hybrid Bait Sauce. Prepare some Carpet Feed, Catfish pellets and a few RH Hybrids, some whole and some broken up. Pour on some RH Hybrid Bait Sauce and mix up. Leave to soak up the goodies and it’s then perfect to put out in a bait boat, or with a spod. 2.5kg bag

RH Hybrid Carpet Feed


Super visible ‘fluo’ pop-ups.

Hi-Vis, extra buoyant pop-ups. Available in 24mm or in 30mm.

RH Hybrid Fluopops

RH Hybrid Paste

Paste full of flavours and attractors for quick response.

RH Hybrid Paste

RH Hybrid Hook Nuggets


Hard hook baits that are enhanced in the RH Hybrid flavour and attractant combination to make them highly attractive. Unlike the ‘multi-level’ RH Hybrids which have a paste centre, these hook baits are cooked right through so that they remain intact and effective for a long period (at least 48h).

RH Hybrid Nuggets

Sesison Bucket

Perfect for the weekend fishing.

RH Hybrids Session Bucket contains all you need for a weekend session: 1.5kg of mixed 24mm and 30mm RH Hybrids, 2kg of RH Hybrid Cat Pellets, 125ml Food Boost and trial bags of RH Hybrid hook baits: Nuggets, Pop-Ups and Fluopops..

RH Hybrid Session Bucket